Special Events

 Our aerial drone services bring a new dimension to your next special event from gender reveals, weddings, engagments and even sporting events

Colour Your Event

We have a wide variety of holi colour powder to add a touch of colour to your next special event, from releasing team colours on the field before the game, releasing your favorite colours above your guests at your wedding/engagement 
Special Event

Aerial Photography & Videography

Capture unique angles of your guests from the sky in your next event

Endless Creative Possiblities 

We can with with you on creating your perfect special event needs with our aerial drones that have a wide range of capabilities, we have multiple drones to utilise and are inspired to create unique and memorable moments

⚠️Important Information⚠️

✅We are committed to safety and follow all requirements of CASA.
⚠️Some locations will need an approval from CASA (Civil Aviation Safety
Authority) for us to safely fly our drones. This can take up to 3 months,
so we ask you plan your event early to avoid disappointment.
⚠️Our drones cannot fly in high winds (over 30 km)
⚠️Our drones cannot fly in rain, hail or thunder and lightning
This service is proudly brought to you by A & M Drone Operations.
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