Human & Pet Ash Release

Our human & pet cremated ash release is a unique and beautiful way of setting the spirit of your loved ones free.

Memorable & Unique Services

Using our customised drone, we can release the ash of your loved one at Lake Mulwala, along the Murray River, on your land, and possibly at your loved one’s favourite location.
The service will be held with respect and dignity. We aim to provide the time to
say goodbye and to take the time to remember your loved one, reminiscing
and sharing stories, poems or music

Saying goodbye to a loved family pet can be a very hard and sad time.
Your special friend that has been beside you all this time deserves a
spectacular send off.
When we release the cremated ash of your beloved pet it will be held
with compassion and respect.

Touch Of Colours

Coloured holi powder can be added to the cremated ash and used to highlight and brighten your event. The choice of colour is up to you as we have a wide variety of colours available.

Release Locations

Lake Mulawa on the Victorian NSW boarder and the Murray River,
as well as other bodies of water, such as lakes, beaches or waterways.
We can come to your loved ones favourite place, private farm property, including some bushlands and parks, and sports grounds

⚠️Important Information⚠️

✅We are committed to safety and follow all requirements of CASA.
⚠️Some locations will need an approval from CASA (Civil Aviation Safety
Authority) for us to safely fly our drones. This can take up to 3 months,
so we ask you plan your event early to avoid disappointment.
⚠️Our drones cannot fly in high winds (over 30 km)
⚠️Our drones cannot fly in rain, hail or thunder and lightning
This service is proudly brought to you by A & M Drone Operations.
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