Our aerial ash release is a unique and beautiful way of setting the spirit of your loved one free.
The memory and vision we will help you create will last a lifetime.

with the wind | aerial services

If your loved one wished to be scattered and you have been considering how best to accomplish this but possibly haven’t been able to find the right method or location, then With The Wind could be what you have been looking for.

We provide a professional ash scattering service with the use of a customized M600 drone.

Our drone has the ability to fly above various areas (pending flight approvals) ranging from beaches, oceans, farm land or a location of your choosing to release the ash “With The Wind”.

Our professional service will take the responsibility of releasing the ash of your loved one to allow you to say your last goodbye and fully take in the moment.

We will get to know you and the person we will be releasing to fully personalise our service to best suit your needs. If you wish, we can combine the ashes with any of our environmentally friendly coloured powders to add to the visual experience. We can also combine a pair of ashes so that they can take their last journey together.

The idea and the vision for my ash scattering service came to me through a dream.

I have spent countless hours developing the concept and perfecting the method to become something I am extremely proud of.

It is very important to me to get to know the person to be released through my clients, so I can feel a real connection to who they were.

I refer to the scattering as a release because the feelings I have and want to pass on to my clients is not of sadness, but a release of the physical remains of their loved one. Released to the elements so they can always be wherever you need them. I want it to be a celebration of the life they lived and a continuation of their spirit.

Our memorial service and aerial imaging service is based in Ocean Grove, Victoria but we can offer our services potentially anywhere on earth that we can gain flight approvals. We are constantly updating our portfolio of locations so please contact us if you have a query about a specific location. All of our ash release services will be fully customised to your requests with prices starting at $700.

We also offer imaging services where we can capture specific photos for our clients from formally un-obtainable angles. We have an ever-expanding portfolio of images that can been seen on our social pages and we can print to suit your tastes.

With The Wind

You can’t see it but you know it’s there
If you stop for a moment you will feel it
If you listen you will hear it
If you look it has shaped your world
It will continue for eternity
Release your loved one with the wind
And you will always find them
Always feel them
They will be with you
Whichever way the wind blows

“A more visual scattering of ashes will give people time for remembering and reflection. Scattering ashes in the usual way happens very quickly. Slowing down is hard when we want to speed uncomfortable things up. I can imagine this being a very positive experience on a beautiful sunny day.”
- Tracy, Heathcote.

“Saying goodbye, letting go, releasing someone you love is never easy. The experience that With the Wind offer make the experience, peaceful, respectful, memorable, and beautiful. One last sentimental tribute to your loved one.”
- Lisa 38, Highton.

“With the Wind is a 2000’s concept of distributing precious ashes of loved one’s just passed or those held by passionate and loyal relatives or friends.
I would have used the service in distributing the ashes of by beautiful son at Pt Lonsdale back beach as he was a passionate surfer.
It was difficult to get the remains into the surf due to the wind and wave conditions, I could not think of a more appropriate method that demonstrated respect for my son and a fitting farewell for him by our family.”
- Daryl 70, Geelong.

“When Tarrod told me about his idea to help people say goodbye to their loved ones I instantly thought two things, firstly, what a beautiful idea to honour the life and memory of a departed friend or family member and secondly, there is no one more suited to supporting those going through grief than Tarrod. His compassion and empathy will ensure the ceremony is a perfect goodbye.”
- Yvette 38, Ocean Grove.

“What a beautiful and thoughtful idea. This is definitely something I would seriously consider giving to a loved one or even a family pet.”
- Paul, Melton.

Our commitment to you is that we will always treat the ashes of your loved one with the upmost respect and compassion we would as if they were of our own family. All the images published are of simulated releases or consent has been given from our clients.